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Bar and Restaurant

Segno by Empireo

In the heart of our kitchen beats a vibrant soul, characterized by a unique and exciting culinary philosophy. Welcome to Ristorante Segno, where each dish is a testament to our passion for sourcing the finest ingredients and celebrating the “simple”.

At Ristorante Segno, we are committed to offering an authentic gastronomic experience where the pursuit of innovation in culinary techniques always serves taste.

Our cuisine is defined by a practical and decisive approach, where the complex elaboration of dishes never sacrifices immediacy and understanding for the guest.

We are passionate about working with “humble” ingredients, with the constant aim of maximizing flavor and value for each element, which is why vegetables are the true protagonists.

Every visit to Ristorante Segno is a journey through bold flavors, surprising combinations, and impeccable presentations. Every dish we serve is created with care and dedication in constant teamwork, led by our chef Tommaso Calonaci and his brigade.

The drinking and dining experience at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi involves all five senses.


Our wine list offers a wide choice of wines of local producers, while our selection of craft beers follows the same criterion. We highlight the excellence of the Italian tradition, focusing especially on small producers but also adding some big names: the aim is to involve our guests in a journey of discovery of special products, be they wines, beers, liquors, cocktails or food dishes.